Terms Of Use

Terms of Use

"Digital Centrics" provides Website Design and Development, Online Marketing Services and other services which are listed on the website (www.digitalcentrics.com) and the use of which are based on stringently delineated Terms, Conditions, and notices as given under the policy document of the website. The written Terms & Conditions can be reviewed and edited upon willful discretion of the management at Digital Centrics, without issuing any prior notice under any condition.

The user is strictly warned against using the website or its content for any malicious or unlawful purposes as laid prohibited under written set of terms, conditions, and notices. The use of website should not mean to affect, disable, stop or overburden either "Digital Centrics" Website, or any of its other Affiliate Network / Partner Websites, under any scenario.

Any unauthorized way to gain access to the website,   other accounts, computer systems or networks through any wrongful means such as, hacking, password mining or implementing any other unethical strategies is clearly marked under the unlawful activity. The user is also prohibited to use or obtain any direct or indirect access to proprietary corporate information in the website.

"Digital Centrics" also makes it clear that no responsibility shall be borne by the website, should, any damage occur to user's computer system. Further, the website is also not held responsible if there’s loss of data from the user’s computer during the process of downloading the content and other information.


"Digital Centrics" can modify or stop any website utility impromptu. In addition, the website also reserves the right to modify Terms & Conditions at any point of time.