Paid Ads Marketing on Search Engine(s) & Social Media

Search Campaign

Unlike other advertising medium, Pay per Click (PPC) gets immediate traffic and can help generate significant leads/orders immediately. If you are looking for a quick way to promote your online business and start generating leads/sales instantly then pay per click (PPC) advertising campaign is the best option for you. It’s simple get top ranking instantly, for your products and/or services and start acquiring new customers and leads/orders immediately.


Responsive Search Leads / Orders Dynamic Search CPC Search Engine(s)


Shopping Campaign

As a retailer, you can use power of Shopping Campaigns to sell your products online and/or local inventory with store visits, boost traffic to your website or local store, and start aquiring and increase your new customers and product sales and/or orders with better ROI.


Shopping / Product Ads Surfaces Across Google eCommerce Sales Google & Bing Merchant Center Google & Bing Feeds


Social Media Campaign

As a retailer / business merchant, you can use power of Social Media to sell your products online and boost traffic to your website and start aquiring your new customers and get leads, sales and/or orders with the power of Social Media Ads


Shopping / Product Catalog Ads eCommerce Sales Post Ads Leads Facebook & IG Shopping Feeds


Display Network

Great Ad campaigns start with great ads. Your ads visible on hundreds of thousands of websites from large, well-known sites to niche sites and audiences. You brand your business in dynamic display ads, static/animated image ads, rich media and video ads etc. Its one of the most cost effective branding solution among any advertising mediums in market.


Placement Interest-Based Demographic Topics Image Ads Videos Ads Conversions Audience



Remarketing gives you a power to bring back visitors on your website who have previously visited on your website.


Audience Display Dynamic Placement


Why choose Digital Centrics?

With an Industry experience of over 15 years, Digital Centrics offers strategic solutions in carrying out your Digital Marketing Campaigns. Digital Centrics will provide you guidance on how to make Digital Marketing Campaigns effective and lucrative, by suggesting the most appropriate solution for your business with expertise coupled with technology!


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