Partner Program

Partner Program

Trust, Value, Support are 3 pillars to build a long term relation in any business partnership. With these values we have Resellers / Authorized Channel Partners in Armenia, Spain and Orlando USA. Digital Centrics is looking for serious Resellers / Authorized Channel Partners to join our Partner Program who can sell our Digital Marketing Services.

We value your participation in our partner program and together we can make this a mutually beneficial program.

The Real Advantage is that you only need to market in your region and we provide you the labor support for providing the services we offer which saves your money on labor employment. We can then together close these leads (using our brand, portfolio, etc).

Advantages of Partner Program

  • Saves Your MONEY on Labor Employment (if you really do not need it.)
  • Our Sales and Support team will allow you to focus on client meetings and close a sale.
  • Market Monopoly for a particular region, if any enquires is coming from the region where your presence is there, we will divert to you as we value your support.
  • We will provide you marketing materials as needed.
  • You will be a part of a growing web industry which is Booming!
  • We also beleive in transperancy and we expect the same from our Resellers / Authorized Channel Partners
  • Please click here to view our Resellers / Authorized Channel Partners Policy

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